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I’m Carmen and I am fascinated by how the human mind works.


As a certified coach, NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, I help people let go of subconscious limitations and achieve breakthrough success in every area of their life by empowering them to take consistent, sustainable and committed actions.


My clients gain confidence, overcome procrastination, increase their self-esteem, conquer phobias, manage stress and advance in their careers.


I hold a BA in Economics, a Master in Marketing and a BSc in Clinical Psychology.


My passions include: meta learning (learning how to learn) and puppetry (my son is 6, so I have a good excuse!).

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Cesar Ariel Sandoval

Carmen is kind, professional, and creates wonderful transformations. I was feeling stuck in my career and she not only provided valuable insights, she also gave me the tools to link my present issue with some events in my past, so I no longer repeat the same pattern. Thank you for this incredible experience.
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