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I choose to change my life, to smash limiting beliefs
and use the power of my mind to become unstoppable.

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Wire my subconscius mind for succes
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Helping YOU get things done with confidence and ease.


❌you are tired, stressed and overworked

❌you overthink, feel like and imposter or procrastinate

❌ your self-esteem is low and are not confident in your skills and abilities



✔you want to get more done with half the effort

✔you want to live a balanced and fulfilled everyday life

✔you want to trust yourself, get things done and make a significant impact


you are in the right place, friend!


I can help you. Let’s get YOU:


from ❌stress and overwhelm to ✔a balanced, fulfilled life

from ❌procrastination to ✔consistently delivering meaningful results

from ❌low self-esteem to ✔YOU – a confident achiever who gets things done.

I combine classical coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT) for successful, long-lasting shifts in time & effort management, overcoming limiting beliefs, getting rid of procrastination and achieving great success with confidence and ease.


Carmen Roman Action Taker,, stop procrastinating, overcome limiting beliefs, do it now

I’m Carmen and I am fascinated by how the human mind works.

As a certified coach, NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, I help people let go of subconscious limitations and achieve breakthrough success in every area of their life by empowering them to take consistent, sustainable and committed actions.
My clients gain confidence, overcome procrastination, increase their self-esteem, conquer phobias, manage stress and advance in their careers. I hold a BA in Economics, a Master in Marketing and I’ll complete my BSc in Clinical Psychology this year.

My passions include: meta learning (learning how to learn) and puppetry (my son is 6, so I have a good excuse!).



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